Stem cells and regenerative surgery

At present our plastic surgery team has the infrastructure, technology and mechanical system for obtaining stem cells from the fat that comes naturally from your own body by conventional liposuction. These stem cells are isolated thanks to advanced technology through a complex mechanical equipment and very exclusive (Cytori) it is available in a few hospitals in our country. Stem cells extracted from their own fat are used for regenerative surgery in other specialties such as cardiovascular surgery (for heart attacks) and orthopaedic surgeries performed in athletes who sustain muscles, tendons and joints injuries. Stem cells allow rapid regeneration and improve the survival of damaged tissues. In the case of plastic surgery stem cells taken from your own body fat can be used in a variety of aesthetic treatments allowing volume increase and regeneration of the skin in areas where injected. The treatment involves no risks or complications as the stem cells are obtained from your fat from your own body removed by liposuction.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What type of procedures can I use stem cells taken from my own fat for?

    Especially for volume increases to the following areas; buttocks, face, neck, back of the hands, chest regions, calves and ankles.

  • What is the difference in using your own fat as a filler or an artificial filler without stem cells?

    Above all, fillers produced using your own body fat creates extremely satisfactory results and in some cases definitive results. Usually, for the majority of patients you will have to repeat the procedure once or twice to get a desired result. The initial result diminishes slightly because 30-40% of the injected fat combines with other enriched stem cells. The fat graft survival is very high providing stability. Also, the stem cell mixed with your own fat that is injected helps to regenerative properties within the tissues.

Results in other patients