Tummy Tuck and Liposuction

This technique is the removal of the skin and fat hanging over the genital region and thighs, improving daily functioning for all physical activities and personal hygiene, reducing infection and redness of the skin around the genital area. Strengthening the rectus abdominis muscles to get a flatter belly. It is often combined with liposculpture to improve the contour of the lower back and full back flanks. This surgery is carried out under general anaesthetic. One and a half to two nights hospitalization required Two drainage tubes are required to be fitted for 48 hours to prevent fluid from accumulating under the skin of the abdomen. Social life can be resumed in three weeks. Full physical activity within 3 months.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What shouldn’t I do following on from a tummy tuck?

    NO LIFTING OF ANT TYPE OF WEIGHT OR OBJECT over 2-3 kgs is advisable during the next two months.. During the first three days of stay in the hospital the goal is to recover from the surgery, to learn how to leave your bed and to start walking again. After three weeks your stitches are removed and you can start to perform very gentle massages around the lymphatic drainage area, three days a week for half-hour sessions for at least the next three months. During these first three post surgery months you’ll be required to wear daily an abdominal elastic band / support that will help you a lot with daily physical activities and give you confidence when walking. You can re commence work six weeks following surgery depending on the line of work you do.

  • In cases of large weight loss would multiple surgeries be required?

    Yes. In particular after losses of 30-40 kilos either by diet or gastric surgery we see widespread, sagging skin occurring around the abdomen but also on the arms, breast, back and thighs. Sometimes it is possible to remove this skin in a single operation, to perform a full surgery on all these areas at the same time during 5 hours of surgery. If this time is exceeded depending on each particular case it may be advisable to arrange two separate surgeries a minimum of six months apart.

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