Lifting of the face and neck tissue

We perform the "Macs Lift" technique designed by Belgian surgeons Tonnard & Verpaele. Two hours of minimally invasive surgery. Including eyelid, face and neck rejuvenation all performed in the same operation. Very short visible scars, only around the ear lobe and edge of the cheek closest to the ear. Rapid three day recovery rate. Normal social life activities in around three weeks. Absolutely no alteration to the natural facial expression from start to finish. Maximum elevation of the cheek and jowl area. Smoothing appearance of any "crow's feet". Maximum flattening of nasolabial folds. High definition of a smooth jaw line without any hanging, loose skin folds or tissue. Major correction of any crêpe like skin, wrinkles and neck folds.

Chemical Facial Peel (Full or on specific areas)

The acid chemical peel is a rejuvenation technique that is designed to remove deep facial wrinkles (not a technique to be carried out on the neck area) The results are wrinkle free, smooth skin. The full facial peel is done with local anaesthetic and a sedation and requires at least a 7 day stay in the hospital. This time will be spent visiting the surgeon to receive specific cleaning and treatment of the area until the new skin is regenerated in 7 to 10 days later The peeling of specific areas (eg wrinkles around the lips, "crow's feet" or brow or forehead wrinkles) is performed under local anaesthetic and sedation but does not require hospitalization because the recuperation process is simpler and can be easily performed by the patient following Dr Giraldo’s instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How will I know if I require a lifting or just a peeling?

    For Facial rejuvenation these two techniques are both used but the goal of each is significantly different. The MACS LIFT corrects drooping facial skin in the malar, cheeks, jaw and neck. The outcome is similar or if not identical to the effects you see if you were to push up your cheek area with your fingertips up and towards your ear area.

  • Do these rejuvenation surgeries carry risks?

    Yes. For this type of surgery it is very important that you investigate, ask and choose an highly experienced plastic surgery team. The major complication of any face lift surgery is facial nerve damage. The outcome would be permanent paralysis. Choosing the correct team of highly experienced professionals will provide you with a fresh, young mainly natural look three weeks following your surgery.

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